Revisiting an old friend

Power Axe Sergeant

I took this photograph at Warhammer World way back in 2008, he belongs to my Husband and is a Tactical Space Marine Sergeant for the Templars of Righteousness – a Home Brew Chapter that my Husband works for.

For some reason I have had a lasting fondness for this particular model; to the point where there is a running joke that he is the ‘Primarch of my Army’ – I should ask my husband if he has a name!

So, when I couldn’t decide which model to photograph today, he came leaping to mind. I wanted to share the older photograph with you as well, just so I could compare how things have developed along my journey,


I don’t feel like I did the model justice with this shoot, actually. I didn’t have the ‘focus’ that seems to be key in both mind and camera.

I’d like to revisit this model again – I believe that every model has a ‘golden angle’ that makes it pop! And I am trying to find this guys as best as I can – because I have such a strong feeling for him and I don’t want to give up on him.

I’ve also a couple of other images from this shoot to share of him. Including one on a white background, which despite him being mostly a white model seems to suit him better.

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