An upgrade

I’ve been finding myself rather limited by the fact that my Canon Eos 20D is Fourteen years old. The megapixelage of most smart phones beats the ass out of my poor, ancient DSLR. So today, I took the long walk to the local Camera shop and brought myself a long, overdue upgrade.

I wanted a decent, entry level DSLR and got myself a Nikon D3400. So far, it’s amazing! It does everything I would like it too (And to add int he cliche, and more) I was after a camera that I could manually control the settings of, with an upgrade to hardware and that is exactly what I got. I don’t know the ins and outs of details compared to my Canon Eos 20D, but so far, the Nikon is working like a charm!

I no longer feel like I need to hang my head in shame when walking about with a camera, which is a bonus!

I’ve only taken a few snaps at the moment to give it a quick try out.


And I am utterly impressed with the results! I can zoom in on a picture quite far and not be greeted with a mess of blur!

Needless to say, I am ultra excited to get the rest of the ‘kit’ out and try taking some snaps of some models. Even revisit some of the ones I don’t feel I have done justice to in the past. Like a certain Space Marine Sergeant!

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