Bury Photographic Society

On the 6th of September I made my first appearance at Bury Photographic Society, so I guess that means I am a bit more serious about growing this whole ‘photography thing’ after all!

It was a bit of an eye-opener, that left me with a conflicted mixture of inspired and intimidated; the meeting was a display of Hoylake Photographic Societies international exhibition – so the images we were shown really were the ‘best of the best.’

Although I had a great time at the society and everyone I spoke to was really warm and welcoming, I admit, I left the meeting feeling a little disheartened – I must stress, not because of the member or the society itself – but due to my own inner critic telling me that ‘I’ll never be that good’ or even ‘I have no place amongst such fine photographers’ It is folly! I have as much right to be there as anyone else, just because I am starting off on my journey doesn’t mean I have to shy away from the good and the great!

More so though, I found myself wondering what direction I can take my photography in? I am currently exploring through the means of Warhammer Models because that is my current interest; I can fit it in between my childs sleeping. But, what are my deeper interests? These are the questions that I feel I should try and answer – for myself if for no other reason.

I think this is what is so wonderful about going out to new places and experiencing new things; exposing yourself to other influences. They force you to ask different questions of yourself. I was happy in my comfort zone, now I am wondering how to get to the next level. I figure I need to get my camera out again and have another play!

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