Chapter Master – Templars of Righteousness


I keep finding myself models that I’ll have ‘to go back’ too and revisit because I’m not happy with how they come out the first time.

Again, it was that dreaded, depth of field that I kept getting ‘wrong’ with this model. Maybe I was a little too ambitious too soon with my plans for him; but I wanted to try getting him in focus fully with a few of his men behind him. Of course my light room is a little on the small side for being able to create entire scenes so I may have to invest in a  bigger one, but I think it’s a pretty good piece of kit for the amount that I didn’t pay for it, but maybe it’s just better suited to smaller, single models?

If I revisit this Chapter Master again though, I shall endeavour to try and get both his weapon and his flag in focus, as I am feeling that I’ve not quite done him the justice he deserves – something I am feeling all too often right now.

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