Bike Space Marine

I was a little undecided on what to photograph today, so grabbed the nearest model. One of my many unfinished Space Marine bikers! Because they are currently unfinished, I thought I would spare everyone the grey of unsprayed and unpainted plastic and shoot in black and white – this also gave me the chance to play around a bit more with light and shadows than I normally do; I’ve this vision of using gritty lighting in my photography for some reason.

Bike Printweb

I remember backlighting from various lectures; from University and my City and Guilds programs, so it was great fun to try and give it a revisit! And I think it worked pretty well considering that the model is unpainted – so it didn’t give that game away too much.

But, this image holds a little ‘special’ something to me as well. It came about on Instagram; Debbie Forster requested a print – I don’t know if this was to make me feel better about where I am heading or not – but ask, and thou shalt receive!




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