Chaos Warrior

Sometimes, there is that lingering desire to just try and photograph something simple! Today, this Chaos Warrior fitted that description perfectly.

Not everything has to be about making up rolling dioramas or funky lighting – although these are things that I would very much like to master and improve on; but keeping simplicity in mind is sometimes the best way to go. Especially if you’re suffering from time constraints!


I am always looking for elements to improve on with my craft, so please, if you ever have any critique for my photographs don’t shy away from giving it. Thank you.

One response to “Chaos Warrior”

  1. No complaints here on either your painting or your photography – I like both!

    Have you considered photographic or artistic backgrounds at all? I’ve seen other bloggers use both. Imagine that chaos warrior running to the camera with a lightning bolt coming out of a stormy sky behind him. Just a though, and I note my standard of a successful image is when I manage to get the model in focus!


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