We recently went on a walk around Watergrove reservoir and I took a few images while I was there.

The vast majority of them were simple texture images for use in my illustrations – which was the aim when we went and what I was looking for – but there were a couple of images that I thought had more merit than just being put into the texture pile.


I am still trying to find ‘my way of seeing’ again and I think these two images are a good start in that direction.

It’ll be fun giving myself the time to find my own voice again and while I have expressed different interests in various posts, I think I’d like to use my camera to explore my surroundings. I like textures and finding things that others might overlook as being mundane. I like broken things and discarded places.

There was an article in the latest issue of Practical Photographer about Urbex exploration which interested me and I am looking forward to my head clear enough from my cold to digest it properly.



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