Artwork update and excitements

jan 4 2018
Triptych image


I hope you have all had a good and productive week, can’t wait to hear what you’ve been doing!

I wanted to get the ball rolling a little more on here, having a post that not just an introduction to the sort of artwork that I’m sharing with you. I think it would be far better to share the artwork with you than just talk about it, don’t you?

I’ve decided that my posts will be weekly for the time being and I’ll see how we get on with that – it’s enough to be a good start and should give me enough material to share with you without being too much or too little. If things pick up and get going then I’ll see about updating more often.

jan 4 2018-2

I found the above doodle when I was having a bit of a sort out of my art supplies – it was in amongst a pile of starter doodles that I am in the process of turning into finished art pieces.

It started as a practice piece for lettering – an area that is still a work in progress – I wanted to do more W’s and S’s in my artwork and the word was the first that came to mind that involved such letters.

My aims for the coming week are to finish off a triptych which is to decorate the walls of my house going up the stairs. One of them is the first image in the post – I’m looking forward to sharing the three of them photographed and framed all together with you.

I’ll also be looking into how to get started with the colouring book, what the proper process is and how it’ll all come together. I’ve spoken with a few close family members about the idea and that’s encouraged me to pursue the endeavour so I am pretty excited about it all.

As for other ideas, I’m going to look at restarting my etsy store and getting a few items up for sale just to get the ball rolling; that may come later though while I whip up some more excitement!

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