A new anthropomorphic face

I’ve not posted here the past couple of days because I’ve been working on a little side ‘project’

I’ll be honest, I’ve completely missed drawing anthropomorphic art and characters – so I recreated a dA (to try and avoid idiots) and been drawing a new character

Base by LockworkOrange

Her name is Vee, I named her after VNV Nation – which is my favourite band/group – and am totally rocking a Glamfur high with her again. She is a Kangaroo and my new ‘main’ character for the purpose of this dA. For the time being my other furry characters are on hold (Or possible archived)

I wasn’t getting the fun, friendly interaction on DevArt that I’ve always wanted. So why not start over and try again with a new face and attitude towards it all

I felt a bit hesitant to upload these here for some reason, maybe because there is that lingering ‘fear’ of being judged for going back to drawing anthro characters; they’ve been a part of my art for 16 years now though, so I should have known I’d end up going back to it. I just don’t think I’ll go back to spreading it about all over the place again. Just here and the new dA.

11 responses to “Vee”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t getting the kind of reception you wanted, you should feel free to just draw what ever you enjoy drawing and it’s a shame for people to take that away from you, especially on something like dA where your art isn’t auto posted into someone’s feed like on Twitter.

    Either way these are really good! And I’m glad your feeling better about doing them even if you don’t feel like you can post them as broadly as before.

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    • Thank you Pandora.
      I have my dA account for it for the time being and that’ll be enough.
      I’m not sure if I should continue to post it up here or branch out onto another blog specifically for teh furry stuff or… not bother!


      • I know what you mean, each has a target audience and I know there is a stigma around “furries” so people may unfairly pass judgment. Just because its not their thing. The same way some people feel about toy soldiers. Separate websites/accounts isn’t a bad idea. I only do minis on my Twitter account, maybe you should try a furry art account on Twitter?

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  2. Sad thing is i only do WP. I am already sad i seem to be missing out on a lot of your art. you are very talented. As far as posting things here, I say its your blog, do what you want. Wont hear any jugemental bs from me. Thank you for sharing.

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