Oathsworn Hound – WIP

I treated myself to a different sort of miniature recently – I felt myself missing the anthropomorphic call but I don’t feel ready to launch myself into drawing fully yet – so I asked the world of Twitter to recommend some animal-based miniatures.

They didn’t disappoint and I was pointed in the direction of Oathsworn among other retailers, which I shall try next time I treat myself.

I brought myself a couple of miniatures.
The Cocker Spaniel Witch Hunter & Border Terrier Knight

Base coats and washes.

The miniature is a lot more detailed than I was expecting – to be honest, I don’t know what I was expecting, but for a mere £7, it wasn’t anything near as amazing as this.

Coming up with a colour scheme for the fur was pretty easy; I wanted something that instantly screamed Cocker Spaniel; so went with some traditional spaniel associated markings. I found a picture on Google of the sort of markings I was after and used it as a reference. I used several, actually just to see what I could come up with.

The colours for the outfit, however, were a little more tricky. With how I chose to do the markings there was some concern over the clothing and turning the Witch Hunter into a certain other anthropomorphic Spaniel!

After a quick discussion with the other half, the colours were decided. Base coats and washes added.

Today, I started adding the layers to the overcoat, waistcoat and fur. I think I need to add a bit of a different shade of brown to the fur though to help pick out a bit more of the details – it all looks like it blends a bit too well at the moment.

But, I wanted to share a cheeky WIP of this model as I am really excited about it and enthusiastic about the subject too.

It makes me feel super excited about the next model from Oathsworn, cause if there is one thing I like more than Witch Hunters, it’s Knights!

3 responses to “Oathsworn Hound – WIP”

  1. Nice spaniel. I picked up a few of the Oathmark figs from Salute last year with a vague plan to use them for a Frostgrave warband. It is a cool range with lots of characterful sculpts.

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    • I am so pleasantly surprised with them.
      For the price paid I don’t know what I was expecting, just a model that might be a bit of fun to paint for a change to GW range.
      I got so, so much more for the money than I thought. They’re such nice models!

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