A heap of WIP

I’ve been working on several models at once lately, not sure why, but it happens some times I suppose!

I wanted to share them as they currently are – there is something honest about sharing things are they are progressing as opposed to only sharing the finished results.

These are the models that have been on the painting desk lately.

I’ve shared WIPs of the Oathsworn Hound before, here the painting is finished, I just need to base him – I think – I’ve got an idea how to do the base for him and have ordered a few bits and bobs off eBay for the final stages. I also need to have a rummage around for a base without a big-massive slot hole in it for him to go on.

I’m hoping to put him on a meadow-style base with lots of different grasses and flowers, so hopefully, I’ll be able to share a picture of him all finished up on his new home soon.

I’ve been having a bit of a push with my Chaos Daemon army lately – trying out some new colours and paint schemes. I’d like for my Daemon army to be really vibrant on the table but still keep some sort of order to the colours.
My thoughts at the moment are

  • Khorne – Red
  • Slaanesh – Purples, Pinks.
  • Nurgle – Green
  • Tzeench – Fire tones

There is bound to be some overlap and at this stage, it’s all pretty much in the air. Chaotic, if you will!

This is a test Daemonette. I wanted to do something pretty simple for them. Pick a colour in the range and wash it with an appropriate shade. I’d like them to vary in colour subtly, a bit like my Nurglings did. These models are so much more dainty than what I am used to painting though so I think they’ll be a real challenge!

Speaking of which…

I’m not all that confident when it comes to painting heroes and making stand out models, but when I saw The Changeling, I knew exactly how I wanted it to look for my army. Which, is always daunting cause it’s always more tricky to get something looking how you imagine it in your head!

I am really pleased with how the paint has transitioned though and I am eager to get the rest of the model looking how I picture it. I am thinking light pink skin tones and blue/purple vibrant feathers. (Skulls can never be anything other than skull coloured… just like parchment scrolls!) The only part I am unsure on is the colour of the flames/fire. I don’t know if I want it to blend with the robes or not.

And… then there is this monstrosity! I have discovered a weakness in my painting skills, and that is crisp, clean looking models (While I appreciate the skill that edge highlighting is, it’s not something that I actually like)

This guy was meant to be for my model swap with Heretic Deb but I think he looks like an utter pile of trash, so I have axed him (almost literally) and have started again with a different model which needs base spraying before I can start painting him. I also need to pop to the local store and buy a different [aint for the shading as this one looks a little to green.

I also need to rethink how to paint their cloaks – I’d like to do something interesting for it but am currently unsure on what.

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6 responses to “A heap of WIP”

    • Thanks a lot~
      I’m finding it’s the wrong colour for what I am after so am picking up another paint today to try again on another model.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Looking brilliant so far! The Changeling’s robes are especially eye-catching, very cool.

    As for edge highlighting, it’s not a pleasant task haha. It’s not a technique that I like using unless it’s for vehicles really

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot, I am glad that the changeling stands out. It’s a very interesting model and I am glad he fits the bill.

      I just find that edge highlighting lacks individuality and personality, but I can understand why it’s popular; it’s very crisp and clean looking.

      Liked by 1 person

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