A load more WIPs

Some more WIP images to share today.
I have finished some of the ones from the previous WIP post aside from basing so I don’t feel too guilty for having started more models!

Praeximus Nulis

I feel like I have been neglecting my Space Marines lately, so I started a couple of heroes. Firstly, my Primaris Librarian; even though he is the most redundant character for my army because I use Black Templar chapter tactics when I play – I have him because he was brought for me as a present; and I have fit him into the Blood Guard chapter for story/fluff reasons. Seeing as he is pretty much left on board the Divine Pursuit, he spends a lot of time with the Blood Guard Chapter Master (And will probably bring him back from the brink of madness.)

Because I felt a bit odd painting a model that’ll never see the combat table, I also started on another Primaris hero.

Alastair Kyrixx

If I can get the option, my characters use Power Fists! And none of my sergeants wear helmets so that I can easily identify them when gaming. So when GW:Bury had a store birthday and this guy was on offer I had to snaffle him up to join my guys (Even though I wasn’t planning to go Primaris heavy for my Blood Guard!) He has been an absolute joy to paint so far! His name is Alistair, because I always thought the he looked like a nice-guy. (It’s his hair-style and that wonderful parting, that I’ve not actually captured here)

The second of the Daemonette models I’ve been working on. I have finished the first one now, but was going to batch finish off the bases when I have painted all the models, so be on the look out for that in the next few days/weeks.

And a little bit more work done to the Changeling model. I still need to figure out the fire and do some smoothing out on the robes before picking up the details. (And basing him too)

My models always looks a bit of a mess part way through, but I’m not a huge fan of crisp and clean, so it’s all good!

4 responses to “A load more WIPs”

    • Thank you~
      Alastairs armour needs a fair bit of work doing to it still, as it’s looking a little flat to me.
      The Changeling is progressing nicely (If I do say so myself) I’ve done a bit of work to the fire on the model now, so I shall share him again soon.
      Thank for the comment~

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