Searching for a new paint scheme

I’ve a copy of the Shadowspear boxed set on order – mostly because I wanted to paint up some more Primaris Space Marines, but don’t wish to have any more in my current Space Marine Chapter.

I have been a bit unsure on how to paint them though – there are so many options. Do I go for one of the main Chapters? I’ve decided not too as it’ll only make me compare my painting to the very crips and clean painting styles that GW are currently favouring – and that’s not how I paint!

There are a couple of sucessor chapters that I like the look of; Black Dragons being one of them, but the thought of painting all that black makes me feel somewhat queasy!

So, I figure making a second Home Brew would be the best way to go.
I’d like to do something camouflage, as the whole ‘Let’s be stealthy’ thing really shines through with the Shadowspear set.

The only issue is, whenever I think of camouflage, I only ever think of one thing. A pair of trousers that I have owned since I was 20ish that I brought for £5 from Camden Market!

I’m not going to go down this route though, fear not! I just thought it was pretty fun to make something up along these lines while I figure out what I am actually going to do!

To phrase someone who made the joke on twitter – good for when you need to infiltrate a Noise Marine concert!

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