The Changeling

I was able to finish off this model recently, I’ve shared the model in a few WIP posts along the way but I am proud to finally be able to share the finished product.

It was rather daunting to try a paint scheme for this section of my Daemon Army on such a centrepiece model to say the least! But I think I managed to pull it off alright!

There are some sections of gradient that didn’t work as well as I had hoped, but it’s the first time I have actually tried such a complicated technique and I am overall pleased with the results (And it was a change from just painting something red!)

I would love to have been able to make the robes completely smooth – but I don’t think clean and smooth with ever be something that I can accomplish; it’s just not my style – and I am pleased with how the model looks when next to the others in the Daemon collection. I’ve not got much else in the way of Tzeentch yet; but am looking at adding a few Screamers to this section of the army so that The Changeling isn’t quite so lonely!

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