Oathsworn – Witch Hunter

Also this week I managed to finish off my Witch Hunter model from Oathsworn.

I initially picked up this model with minimal expectations, purely because I enjoy anthropomorphic animals and wanted to still indulge this enjoyment without having to resort to drawing my anthropomorphic characters – something that I have always used DeviantArt for.

What I enjoyed the most about painting this particular model (aside from the wonderful sculpt) was there weren’t any ties to any larger projects. I don’t play Burrows and Badgers which this model is for. So there was no pressure to paint the model in any particular paint scheme.

I was particularly pleased with how the base came out too – I wanted to attempt a meadow style base as I’ve never actually used flock on a base before (I wanted to avoid the pitfall of goblin green bases with flock on it) so I followed a tutorial I found on the DakkaDakka forums and I think it worked a treat with the Witch Hunter – it was really simple to follow too, so that helped!

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      1. I have been going for civilians as well as rank and file. The Rogipoos set is one of my favourite, not animals but Rogipoos reminds me of our role play games where Fanhard and Lyle our characters caused absolute chaos


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