Recently, Mal Holmes, gave a presentation at Bury Photography Society about Infrared photography and I was somewhat captivated by the notion of it. I have recently found myself missing the technical side of photography – printing & processing film mostly – and because Infrared photography seemed so technical I thought that it was fascinating.

680nm filter

The results looking so haunting and surreal appealed to the side of me that enjoys the beauty of horror also, so I treated myself to a second hand converted compact camera from eBay for less than £50. The camera itself is a Full Spectrum camera with a set of Infrared filters (680nm – 950nm)

The weather in Bury the past couple of weeks has been nothing short of atrocious so I’ve not had that much of a chance to try out the camera yet; it’s only an 8 megapixel compact (Canon Powershot A630) so I am not expecting too much from it, just enough to let me experiment with Infrared and see if it works for me or not.

I managed to get out one evening before the light totally faded, while walking the dog around the park across the road just to see if it worked how I thought it would – I only took the 680nm filter – and got a few decent results. Decent enough for the time of day and the subject matter; what I’m trying to say is it worked!

The faint golden glow of the sky is what I was expecting from the 680nm filter and I could use the camera handheld to take these few snaps. I’ll be adding the camera to my regular camera bag whenever I go out into the countryside – when the weather improves!