Shadowspear Marines WIP

I had a good few minutes to paint today so I thought it was high time I got stuck in with the new paint scheme for the Space Marines from the Shadowspear box set.

I had the loose beginnings of a paint scheme, that I shared here. It’s a bit more complicated that my Blood Guard chapter, so I was a bit worried about how it would turn out, especially cause the paint scheme would involve using the colour white!

This is the test model, base coated and washed.

I think it’s going a lot better now that there is paint on the model and I’m really eager to do some more of the fun stages of painting, the detailing and adding the camouflage texture paint on the pouches and all that extra stuff that I usually skip out on with my other Homebrew chapter.

I’ll have to think up some fluff for these guys at some point too!

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