I’d been waiting for a price-list from a friend for a while to create a logo for the website/blog and after giving them since before Christmas I figured I would hire a real professional instead.

Within minutes of asking for a graphic designer on Twitter, I had two/three messages offering to help me out with my project; which was great cause these were graphic designers ready, waiting and willing to do the work for me.

I gave my chosen graphic designer a graphic of my artist signature – which is my initials in some ‘fancy’ doodle. This stems from when I was doing my ‘scribble doodle’ style artwork. Only with the letters TF (For TragicFangirl)
Along with the colour palette – grey as black would be harsh on the eyes – and off my chosen graphic artist went.

They pretty quickly came back with a few mock ups for me to look over and pick from. Which I wasn’t expecting – professionalism and speed!

Although I liked several of the designs, I think there was one obvious choice from the four I was given! It matches my signature pretty accurately and incorporates the elements that I asked for.

I’m really pleased with how things turned out and I feel a lot better about the blog now that I am no longer using the face of my old “fursona” as the site icon.

One response to “Logo”

  1. Cool. I want to do something for myself and our site but I’m less of a graphic designer so I’m more doing art for it than a logo. I say “doing”… I should really get on other it again.

    Love the designs and I’m glad your happy with them, very cool. It’s nice to see people still keeping their blogs alive even in the face of social media competition.


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