RIP – Joseph Pilato

I’m not entirely sure how to word this, but as a long term fan of the character Captain Henry Rhodes from Day of the Dead, I feel like I should at least say something about the actor who played him.

I was informed by an online friend via facebook last week that Joe Pilato had passed away. Talk about mortified! Despite the fact I’ve only ever seen three films with the actor in; ‘Day of the Dead’, ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Married People, Single Sex’ – of these three films, I only loved one of them, liked another and thought one was a terrible pile of trash!

But, Rhodes has left the longest, lasting impression on me and to hear that the actor behind such a memorial character passed away has filled me with and emptiness that I can’t quite express. I no longer feel that it is ‘right’ to do anything with Rhodes; even though I have had a lot of fun with the character in the past. I had Rhodes share a very warped relationship with my long-term character Kiz and have had so much fun with their unconventional ‘romance’ in the time since I decided they should be a ‘couple’

Kiz and Rhodes by MSdeath666

What was ‘fun’ about them was exploring something that was utterly abusive to one another – in more ways that one – being the absolute worst while all around them the world was going to hell. You’d have thought they’d have had more important things to do than picker about pointless relationships while the undead took over the world… but no! In any Alternative Universe they were set it, they are trash to one another – in some ‘verses Rhodes just left Kiz to die; being eaten alive by Zombies, talk about being a turd!

I know, once the feeling wears off these two will be back to torment one another, but until then I figure they’ll go a little quiet; it’s a shame after the recent revival they’d had.

There’s not much more I feel that I can say, but thank you Joe for portraying a character that has given me so much joy over the years and brought me wonderful connections to some great people – I hope that in time I’ll feel comfortable in picking up Rhodes again and having some more ‘fun’ with him!

6 responses to “RIP – Joseph Pilato”

  1. I was just as shocked when I heard a few days after it had happened! Joe Pilato was fantastic in Day of the Dead, really stole the show.


    • It was certainly the high point of his acting career and he milked it for what it was worth too – can’t blame him for that – Rhodes is a ‘wonderful’ character and I am most grateful for Joes portayal of him; he’s never going to be out-done that’s for sure.

      Thanks for commenting~

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