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This week’s Fangirl Feature is from Wargaming Lobby

Hobby showcase! Share with us: Your favourite images

What games/systems are you most interested in/do you collect?

I’m into the big selling games of course (Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar). I’m also trying to approach Kill Team but I don’t really like the rules too much though and they don’t give me enough tactical depth to really enjoy them. I have, however, a large number of minor/dead games I love playing. Mercs 2 is probably my favourite, followed by Warlord’s Strontium Dog. I also play Wreck Age, Dropfleet Commander, Chronopia… the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, there are almost no other players around me so I don’t get to play as much as I would like.

Any specific armies?

Death Guard / Alpha Legion (WH40k) some Tyranids (mostly metal) and some Orcs (mostly Mantic Games proxies so, almost unplayable army!) Seraphon (Lizardmen) / Dark Elves / Orcs and Goblins / Slann (AoS, WHFB) UCM / Scourge (Dropfleet Commander) Blackblood / Stygian (Chronopia)

What aspect of the hobby are you most interested in?

I love painting. I’m not a good painter but I’m trying. I also love to play whenever I have a chance. On the other hand, I don’t really like lore and novels so I prefer to write my own background stories for the armies I play. This is true for each and every game system I have: making up my own stories brings the game to a totally different level!

What compelled you first start or restart the hobby?

I started when I was in high school. At the time I was an MTG player and I got hooked by some Orcs and Goblins miniatures I received as a present. I kept playing for many years but after moving to Japan I had to go on a long hiatus (no money, small space). Now that I have a son and live in a bigger house, I got right back on the hobby train. I would like my son to have the same great experiences I had in my youth and I will give him a solid base to start. I’m on for the long haul this time.

Do you have any future plans for your hobby?

As I said, I hope I can get my son into tabletop wargaming; I am gathering armies for different systems we will use to play in the future. Right now, I’m into old Orcs and Goblins figures to use in WHFB 3rd edition. I’m also slowly painting all my Strontium Dog miniatures and building a game board representing a post-apocalyptic survivalist farm!

What sort of materials do you use to create your hobby? How long does it take you to complete a project?

I get whatever I can so I use cheap dollar-store stuff or even fallen tree bark, garden soil, gravel etc. When doing dioramas, I also use a lot of home-made sculpting plaster and clay. All in all, I’m a very frugal wargamer! I don’t have a lot of free time but if I get some, I can paint a single 28 mm figure to above tabletop standard in three to four hours. Not too bad! But dioramas are a different story…

What inspires you to keep going? Do you admire any other hobbyists?

I like what I do and painting is my biggest stress relief! I don’t need any motivation to keep going but I do need it to get my other chores done! Other hobbyists I admire? I love James and Cathy Wappel. First of all, they are two painting grand-masters and second, they are the perfect example of humble hobbyists. They are inclusive and always available to answer questions and comments. You should follow their work if you don’t already do so. I also like Kenny Boucher’s videos: he’s always in “overdrive” mode, but he shares a lot of useful tricks and skills. His stream helped me a lot when coming back to the hobby. Now that I think about it, they’re all more like “pros” than “hobbyists”, do they still count? I still love them even if they don’t!

What do you find most frustrating about the hobby? 

Nothing wrong with the hobby: I find it relaxing and stimulating! However, I do hope smaller manufacturers will be able to get more visibility in the near future. With GW doing what they do, other realities have to share the leftovers. This is a really expensive hobby which means fewer leftovers to share. This situation doesn’t really help the hobby as a whole and it’s probably the only thing frustrating me right now. But that’s the market, right? So, apart from spreading their products, there’s not a lot I can do, really.

Do you have any tips for any aspiring hobbyists – beyond the usual ‘practise daily’? 

Ask questions to your fellow hobbyists and do listen to what they have to tell you. Learn fast how to accept criticism without getting offended and how to criticize someone else’s work without being offensive.

What is your fondest hobby memory?

The first time I painted a large-scale model as kid! He was Malekith, the Witch King of my Dark Elves army. It was just too gorgeous. Do you know what I mean, right? Dragons, blood, magic… I still remember that it took me two full days to paint it. I didn’t sleep to get it done faster! Crazy.

Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Always be kind to each other. If you like somebody’s work let him/her know! Follow them, share them with your community! This will help them build confidence and momentum.

Many thanks to Wargaming Lobby for taking the time to answer these questions for the Fangirl Feature this week.

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