Inquisitor: The Game

Lord Commander Eloth and I are working on our own game system for the Inquisitor gangs that we created recently (ish) – taking the models we converted/kit-bashed and giving them WYSIWYG rules; which is a real hodge-bodge considering the weaponry, gear and what-not we gave them!

The idea of the game is to have small skirmish type battles against various foes of the Imperium; Daemons, Eldar, Mutants, etc.
Inspired by the likes of Necromunda, Kill-Team and all the other Codexs & Rule books involved with 40K.

We’re making up a series of Data Cards for the individual characters involved, which will have character drawings, fun graphics as well as all the fun details of the members of the Inquisitors Retinue.

The Trials section is going to be for things that happen to the character whilst playing games – anything cinematic that just seems ‘awesome’ be it positive or negative; making the game have a bit more of a campaign feel to it and more longevity

I’ve still got some more elements to add to the data sheet to make it look a bit more visually appealing; purity seals, skulls and candles mostly – there are three Inquisitor gangs altogether; Xenos, Malleus and Hereticus so we will be making up three sets of data-sheets to reflect the different Inquisitorial Retinues that have been made up by Lord Commander Eloth, our brother/-in-law Matt (Who is non-existant on the internet so I can’t link you to his brilliant work) and myself.

If this project sparks some interest, I may make/release the blank sheets for people to make/edit their own Inquisitorial Retinues, but that feels a long way off yet; I just wanted to share what has been going on behind the scenes.

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  1. Sounds interesting! Have you looked at Inquisitor/Inq28 rulesets? Or I don’t know how much rules they contain, I am under the impression that they’re pretty narrative driven stuff, but seeing as your title is the same..

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