InfraRed – Part 2

This is a quick follow-up post to this blog entry

I spent a nice week away from the internet recently, which staying with my parents in Sutton on Sea; to ensure that I wasn’t bored without the internet I took both my cameras with me – the Infrared Canon Powershot A630 and my Nikon D3400.

As the title of the post suggests, I took a few snapshots with my Infrared Compact while on Sutton on Sea beach and I felt like it was high-time I shared the results of the adventure.

While at Sutton on Sea, I also had the pleasure of attending the local Photographic Society/ Camera Club – it was their awards presentation and presidents evening; but what astounded me was the open friendliness of the members that greeted us; especially after my Mum announced she had no interest in photography and that I’m not local to the area an unlikely to return any time in the near future. It was a great contrast to the vast majority of my own local Photography society where I was told ‘You’re lucky someone is talking to you‘ during the first time I attended. The difference in experiences I must admit has made me feel a bit disillusioned with Bury Photographic Society

It felt nice to be able to go out with the camera and just enjoy the experimentation behind it. No pressure, just have the compact in my pocket, attach the filter and snap away.

These images were taken with a 680nm & 720nm filters and I am now looking forward to seeing how things look through infrared; especially now that the leaves are coming out and that the dreary weather is (hopefully) over.

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