I’ve fallen off the hobby wagon a bit as of late; this being the only unit that I’ve been able to finish in the past week or so.

These models are a lot daintier than my usual assortment of Space Marines, Bloodletters and Juggernaughts so they were rather challenging in their own right for that exact reason. But with the recent announcement of Slannesh models I thought it was a good time to try and get them finished up (Purely so I can buy some of the newer models and not feel too guilty about it)

My Chaos Daemon army is doing rather well now with the vast majority of it painted (A unit of Bloodletters & Fleshhounds to start & finish and the rest base coated/primed) so with the Daemonettes completed I am feeling the sweet scent of victory approaching!

I am rather fond of the variation in colours for this particular unit – I always like to try and differ how units look from their official look; even if the changes are slight and I find the warmer colours to work in their favour – and be that little bit ‘different’ from what is expected.

7 responses to “Daemonettes”

    • Thanks a lot for your comment and the compliments.
      I am happy to see that red is getting the most love (Most my armies are red so I’m glad to see it paying off!)


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