This post is a bit of a return to the ‘roots’ of my blog – where I was really just Fangirling and enthusing about various fictional characters that had captured my attention at that (or some other) point in my life.

I was asked a question anonymously over on my CuriousCat about what weird characters I have ‘Fangirled’ over.

John Shooks came up; other than Shooks, I don’t recall really being all that Fangirly over a character from a novel and certainly not one from something as little known as Edgewise (It’s a typical Graham Masterton horror novel involving Native American Spirits and Mirrors) As far as I am aware I am the only person to really give Shooks the time of day, but there is something about the Private Investigator that has captured my imagination.

I first drew him waaaay back when – at my best guess 2014 as I drew this along side some Game of Thrones fan art. And as I am a fan of redraws I figured I’d give him another go – as a way to adapt my art style from the big massive heads I used to favour to only slightly bigger than average heads with more expression/personality.

It’s no secret that I struggle more with drawing full bodies and males – yet I have a preference for them when it comes to characters – so I really need to overcome my hesitations and improve with them; mostly so that I can draw more fan art of my favourite characters (especially the weird ones) and my own characters that I have created over the years in various RPGs. (I made a new page for the RPG characters here, by the way)

As a part of both the fangirling and the aim for artistic improvements I also drew a headshot sketch of Shooks, but for my sins I left the sketch out in reach of where the kiddo could get hold of it and he decided to try and ‘help’ with my artwork by rubbing out all the mistakes I’d made – all of it. I’ve tried my best to salvage the sketch in photoshop so that I might try and finish it later.

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