Hunter: Witch Hunter

I’ve been on a bit of a kick lately doing artwork and thinking about my RPG characters. The idea of fleshing them out a bit and drawing them up has been very appealing; so I’ve started with the one that I am currently playing with our regular roleplaying group.

This character has absolutely no personality skills and very, very rarely speaks; which is actually great fun to play because he just does things without asking for permission from the rest of the party. Preferring action over words and over-thinking. The most speaking I think he has done in his latest adventure was say the word ‘No.’ (And that might be pushing it) He’s no offensive though, he’ll give nods of greeting and roll his eyes if someone does something particularly stupid!

He is a hunter in more ways than one and generally is a woodsman, sells game meat and skins for a more traditional living; but also hunts the great adversary with his fell Witch Hunters; a Russian thug called Piotr, a revolutionary who he thinks is called Pierre and a scholarly sort of fellow with the unusual name of Eloth.

He is a crossbow expert and the dedicated healer of the group (somehow)

His (brief) backstory is that he lost his beloved and became aware of the unusual happenings of the Great Adversary during mourning when she rose from her grave in undeath. Needless to say he says even less about this tragedy than he does anything else!

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