Shooks – Bust

I’m not going to lie, I find characters wearing glasses tricky! I think it’s because of the lack of personality; there’s no eyes and no expression on them so I don’t know, this picture looks that dull to me.

It’s a shame, cause I really do like this character and I really want to draw more of him. I’ve another sketch of him in the works already so I’ll work on that next.
I think I’ll try to avoid the goth 90’s look with him next time and not put him in quite so much black!

It’s another picture of John Shooks from Graham Mastertons Edgewise/Wendigo book.

The next time I doodle him up I’ll forgo the Ray-bans and draw him how I ‘see’ him in the fictions that I’ve got in mind for him too.

Oh gosh, things are all going fangirly over here again(I love it)

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