Heretic Deb and I have created a crowdfunding page to support friends and family who are undergoing cancer treatment and care – we are going to engage in a 12 hour, non-stop paint-a-thon to raise funds for this most worthy cause!

This came about during a random conversation on Discord about the hobby and what we could both do to raise some funds for local charities who are set up to help relatives (and friends) during their time of need.

I’m a little late in posting and sharing this as the Paint-a-thon is happening tomorrow; on the most nerdy of days (May 4th)

It would be great to have people drop into the stream – which I’ll announce on Twitter & Facebook – and join in on the fun.

All the miniatures that are being painted on the day will be auctioned off in the hope to raise more funds for our Just Giving page

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