Paint-a-thon: Results

So, yesterday, May 4th, was the day of Heretic Deb and I’s Charity fund-raising ‘Paint-a-thon’

The whole event was livestreamed on Twitch which was pretty awesome and it was wonderful to have some faces dropping in and out throughout the day to keep us encouraged.

We managed to paint a whopping 18 miniatures!

The page for the Fund Raiser is here. And as you can see we managed to reach (And exceed) our goal of £500.

The miniatures here will be auctioned off separately – I’ll announce where and when this is too, should anyone be interested – at a later date and the funds that they raise will be added to the charity pot.

It was a great day, with some wonderful conversations (About Blood Letter butts) loads of painting and honestly, I was rather overwhelmed with the amount of support that we both received.

The biggest highlight was probably Home Bargains liking the Home Bargains styled Primaris Marine over on Twitter!

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  1. […] Paint-a-thon: Results @ The Tragic Life and Thoughts of a Fangirl – As a reluctant – some might say lazy – painter, the idea of a paintathon to motivate the rapid pigmentation of my minis is both enticing and terrifying.  The author shares the 18 miniatures that they finished during their paintathon and it’s great that they managed to raise so much money whilst doing so.  It’s great to see all the pictures of the finished minis, too! […]


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