Collaboration: 20/05/19

I stumbled across this idea quite by accident! I wandered into the studio to pick up my Watercolour backgrounds and saw a big pile of papers that my three year old son had painted on a while ago. I had the flash thought of ‘Wouldn’t it be great if I did some doodles over his paintings?’ I admit, I was also missing him a lot as he’s only recently started nursery a few mornings a week and it was a nice way to be able to have a part of him with me while he was out of the house.

I’ve got a large pile of his paintings already, but I think I may have to ‘put him to work’ and get him to do some on some better quality paper too so that my pens don’t bleed!

I thought it was a fun and quirky way to get a bit of colour into my doodles too; as I am never too certain on how to go about colouring them; unless I’d like them to look like colouring books – which isn’t a bad idea in itself (Maybe that’s something I can work towards when I am ready/have enough material to make one?)

Either way, expect to see more collaborative pieces between myself and my three year old.

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