Lizard on Lizard

Since taking a bit of a step back with the blog I’ve not really had that much time to paint – I admit this is mostly my own fault with my focus primarily being elsewhere – and last night when I did pick up some paints I wasn’t even sure what to paint!

So, I decided to have a look in the glass cabinets and see what inspired me. I ended up picking up this monster of a model.

I’m sorry for the terrible photograph! Had to snap it quick

It’s been an age since I picked up my Lizardmen and a lot of the painting on this model was done several years ago, so it was pretty patchy and I have a lot of catching up to do with it; but it has inspired me to look at the rest of my lizardmen and see ‘what’s what’

I’ve not even upgraded the army to round bases for Age of Sigmar so that should give a bit of an indication as to when I first started this guy! As with a lot of my older and bigger models I was a bit afraid to pick it up and start painting it again, but then I remembered something that Pandora’s Bits Box said about a painted model; no matter how well or poorly painted is better than one left grey. Or I figure in my case, half started and never touched again!

6 responses to “Lizard on Lizard”

    • I think a lot of the bigger dinosaurs in the Lizardmen/Seraphon range are really impressive (and a lot of fun)
      Thank you, I hope that I can pull the rest off and make it look wonderful in the end!

      Thanks for commenting~

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  1. That’s a really cool scheme,I don’t think I’ve seen one that people have done a pattern that makes me think of a snake. Very cool

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