Obligatory Introduction Post

Hello world.

My name is Jenn and I draw furry art.

I’ve been drawing anthropomorphic artwork since 2003, when a website called VCL was still up and running; and was one of the few dedicated furry art archives around. I was introduced to furry artwork and VCL by an online friend called Sy. I created my first ever furry character under his influence and never looked back. Nearly 16 years later and I am still drawing furry art.

My first furry artwork.

I decided to make this blog today, as I feel like I don’t ‘fit’ anywhere else. I rose to a more ‘popular’ status on DeviantArt which ended up in sexual harassment and abuse. So, despite the people involved being banned, I didn’t feel like it was a good match for me anymore. Despite having drawn anthropomorphic art for so long, I have always kept the Furry Fandom at arms length, so being on websites like SoFurry, Furaffinity and/or InkBunny didn’t feel like a great fit for me either.

So I decided to give running a furry art blog a try instead and here I am. Writing my first post on my new blog.

I’ll share information about my characters, dip into my archives and post new artworks as and when I do them. So this palce should be a hive of wonderful activity in the upcoming days, weeks and months. I look forward to sharing my artwork with you all here and seeing what opportunities come out of it too.

Much love

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