My first Character

Seeing as this blog is new I am going to assume that no one knows who I am or who my characters are. So I figure the first ‘serious’ post should be a bit about the first character and piece of art I ever created.

I was sitting at my Aunt and Uncles house with a piece of mount board and under the direct influence of Hellraiser, I created my first character; Cenobite.

Which I took home, scanned in and attempted to colour on the PC! Most of my artistic adventures after this ditched the digital colouring and I used Crayola Colour Pencils for the longest time (I still do use them!)

Cenobite has gone through a few changes since drawing this picture too. Including an all important name change to Torquemada – named after the historical figure and Lance Henriksend portrayal of the character in The Pit and the Pendulum.

Torquemada never lost his grisly appearance however and some aspects of his design have stuck around even now – the inverted cross on his forehead and the barbed wire around his tail are still present in this current design – but I do feel he is due for another ‘reconfiguration’

Torquemada was also the first character that I was given gift art for – giftart is a wonderful thing and I intend to share any that I am given on here too so that I can herald the wonderful people that draw for me. Sadly though, as this piece was given to me nearly 16 years ago, I cannot remember the name of the artist and am unable to send you anywhere to view their other art as a result. I am sorry.

My first, ever giftart! ❤

Be on the look out for another Torquemada post soon, where I share more up to date and digital artworks of him!

Much Love

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