Collaboration – ZoelNoOne – No Glow

This is of my collaborative efforts with ZoelNoOne. Though, to give credit where it is due, they did most of the work on it!

It was a fair while ago, I showed them a sketch of No Glow via Discord and they loved it and expressed a desire to collaborate together and finish it off. The intention was for them to line and flat colour the sketch and I’d finish it off. However, I took one of my little breaks from all things furry and therefore they finished off the work and made it look as stunning as it does!

What amazes me about collaborating with other artists is that each others individual personalities and styles shows through in the end results. You can clearly see that the above collaboration started with a sketch in my style, but ZoelNoOne has taken it and added their own signature too it also.

It’s always a wonderful treat when I get to work with other artists but it’s rare that I feel a fond connection to people these days and I certainly feel that with ZoelNoOne and I hope that this is the first of many collaborations that we do together.

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