A bit of a break from the commission and artwork stuff to present you with: some actual model painting!

It’s been a while since I was able to share anything hobby related of my own on the blog – or at least it seems – so here we are. Some finished off Screamers.

I’m not usually one to paint things in their original/traditional colours and have opted for warmer/fire-y colours for the Tzeench section of my daemon army. These screamers didn’t come out exactly as I imagined them too, I was hoping to do more of a gradient effect on them like I did on the Changeling model – but I am happy with how they turned out regardless. They are strange things – as you’d expect with daemons – and I enjoyed painting them for the most part. The models in the pack are all different and offer a variety of options; which is always a good thing. I hope that I managed to make them all look different enough, yet keep some coherency within them to make them work as a unit too.

I have another pack of Screamers still boxed up, so I’ll have to have a think about how to paint another three to keep the the theme going but keep them varied enough so they are unique individuals too – I see them more as animals than anything else and akin to zebras, where you can see they’re the same thing, but all individually marked too.

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