Jorah Mormont Fan Art

In a further attempt to move away from the ‘whole furry thing’ that I have mostly been known for I am drawing characters of a different persuasion. It’s no secret that I like drawing Knights, armour and that sort of thing but have been heavily tainted by drawing Pin-up style art for the past billion years – so I find drawing the stuff that I actually like a lot more difficult.

The only way to get better at it all is to practice. A lot. Maybe if I put the same amount of effort into this as I have the furry stuff, then in 15 years time I’ll be just as good at it!

Here on out, it is my intention to draw more Fan Art as a form of practice. Today, I started with some fan art of Ser Jorah Mormont from Game of Thrones. It’s no secret that I enjoy Game of Thrones, I’ve just not gushed about it in a while on my blog, but the adoration for the series (Books and TV) is still in me.

I don’t know how ‘complete’ these sketches will be, if there are any I get the urge to finish off, I shall. They are mostly for fun and to stretch my artistic muscles in a different and new direction.

I don’t often say this with my art, but if there are any requests along these lines – a character you think would help me out – then please let me know. I’m not going to take really specific requests, nor am I going to offer OCs (Canon characters of movies and TV series only please) either cause that takes advantage!

Either way, please expect to see more Knights, Game of Thrones characters and other things along these lines in the future.

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