James Lazarus

It’s been a while since I shared some personal work with everyone on my blog, so here we go.

I found these sketches while I was having a bit of a sort out earlier and recall them being for my long dead project BulletFuck – I’ve recently been working on my confidence when it comes to writing and sharing that aspect of my interests again – but to get me into the idea of it all again after so long I’ve been trying to think up something new to try and focus on; resurrecting old projects hasn’t worked out for me in the past so something new needed to be dragged up.

Then I remembered Lazarus. In BulletFuck he was the detective on the ‘Faceless’ case, a side of the story that I never explored. So I have appropriated him for this new story idea.

I’ve always enjoyed biblical and supernatural themes, and would love to do something inspired by Graham Masterton (my favourite author)
I’d like to write him in a series of stories – drabbles at the moment. Something small to get used to writing again, so Police Officer (Probably a detective) that gets sucked into the world of the weird.

These sketches are a little far out there as far as designs are concerned, and I am not even entirely certain this is how I visualize him for these purposes.. I’ll be drafting a prompt list for the drabbles and search for somewhere to host them, but for now please enjoy these sketches and my rather babbling thoughts.