A rare hobby update!

Since cranking out the commissions it feels like I’ve not actually updated with anything hobby related in a while.

I’ve picked up my Lizardmen Army again lately, this was mostly due to Azazel’s Bitz Box Neglected Model challenge from June earlier this year and typical slow-coach that I am, I’m only just getting round to finishing some of the models bases off in order to post them.

The Lizardmen were the first Warhammer Fantasy army I brought way back in… 2000 and something. A lot All of these models have been sitting about unfinished since then, be it they needed basing, touching up or just painting in general. Rather than restarting them though (As some of them are really poorly painted by new-to-the-hobby me.

The newer painted skinks are right at the back – that was poor planning!

But, in community spirit, I thought they would be a good place to start for the challenge. These Skinks needed basing. I’ve not changed the bases of my Lizardmen from square bases to round ones as I play precious little in the ways of games and figure it’s not worth the amount of snapped spindly legs! So, I based them up in a skirmish movement tray that I brought some years ago off ebay and I’m intending the army to be for display purposes; which give me the freedom to emply strange and fun looking bases like this one;

Hmmm, suspicious gaps in the front there.

Again, these Skinks were mostly finished already and aren’t up to my current painting standard. I’ve still got to touch up one of them though – the standard bearers standard. The base for this was a recent purchase from ebay and has helped a lot with this unit. In Oldhammer these skinks were meant to be multiple base size units with two Kroxigors – which really made ranking them up a nightmare. So, sacking off the Kroxigors into their own (now illegal) unit of two has made the skinks a lot easier to rank and file.

I am on the hunt for a single Kroxigot to bolster my ranks of larger lizards (That I still need to paint) but have heard rumours of a small scale game having a unit of skinks lead by a Krox, so I’m waiting for that!

Another suspicious gap…

Then came the Saurus. I’ve still got to finish off their bases. I thought I had already done this when I went to photograph them last night. Woe is me!! It’ll be my next job. The Saurus themselves just needed a few touch ups doing to some of them. A few feathers, scales and weapons to finish off. It was a pretty quick job.

And then there is this guy! No Lizardmen army is complete without big monsters! For his model, most of the dinosaur was already done; check out that old-school dry brushing! But the rider I painted more recently, I hope that shows – mostly in his crest.

I’ve still got a lot left to finish off before the army is complete – a Stegodon, which has gone from drab grey to bright purple. A Bastiladon that’s finished, but lacking his lascanon Ark of Sotek. A unit of Saurus Cold One riders. The aforementioned Kroxigors – one is nearly finished. And a unit of three flyers that need a lot of attention!

I’m determined to finish off this army (for the most part) before the Cities of Sigmar Army Book is released and I start a proper and dedicated Age of Sigmar army.

4 responses to “A rare hobby update!”

  1. Very cool – they look great, especially the Carnosaur as DDT said – and great to see you using the brush again! Not that there’s anything wrong with the pen/stylus of course.


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