Commission – Night Lord… erm Lady?

A commission for Heretic_Deb of one of her Roleplay Characters. I really appreciated this commission as a break from the norm.

I know there is a rather big debate when it comes to female Space Marines. If they should be a ‘thing’ or not. But, when someone pays for a commission, I get that debate goes out of the window and I draw what I’m asked! Freelancers can’t be picky!!

So this is Synthalia, a Female Space Marine original character of the Night Lords Legion.

One response to “Commission – Night Lord… erm Lady?”

  1. I love that women are getting more page time within 40k. I picked up no less than 2 books off of NetGalley one as a cadian sergeant and on as a comissar. Im exited to see them kick ass. I love that the sisters of battle also got a spotlight, i just dont like the over fanatic religious parts of them…


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