Personal Sketches

I managed to get a couple of personal sketches done a couple of days ago, but only just got round to scanning them in to share them.

I’ve been trying to reinvigorate myself when it comes to personal characters – I’ve found myself in a but if a lull with them so forced myself to sketch them.

Nathaniel Greyson, Imperial Psyker.

I’ve not done much at all with Nathaniel in a good while, which is silly because I adore him in all his complicated glory. I think my issue with him is he is a complete Lore-Breaker of a character, but also because my artwork style has changed a lot since I first drew him it feels a bit jarring now to see him in a newer-updated way – guess the only way I can change that is to draw him more and get used to seeing him this way.

Cailan – LvL 1 Paladin

The other character I managed to get a sketch of is Cailan, my Level 1 Paladin in @TheBlackOrifice’s Skyfire, DnD Campaign. He’s being developed throughout the campaign as we play – which is great fun – and I am looking forward to drawing a lot more of him and getting to know him better. You should also ask Ben (The Black Orifice) about Skyfire – it’s a tabletop ship-battle game under development.

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