Rambo: Homecoming

I first posted about this particular topic back in 2016, but seeing as the date is finally looming I am getting excited all over again.

It feels like it has been a long time coming, but 20th September is the release date for Rambo: Last Blood here in the UK.

Rambo and I have a long history of fangirling together, so needless to say now that the release date is looming I am enjoying the feeling of Fangirling over someone again and writing a trashy post like this feels like second nature – hence the homecoming in the title.

I have absolutely no expectations for this film, which is actually something of a blessing at this point. Means I won’t be disappointed with it. And, I’ve tried my best to avoid anything that will drag it down, or big it up for that matter.

What I have enjoyed about the film though, is the amount of people that have messaged me privately about it – telling me little bits of news or shown me trailers that they think I might have missed – it’s really made my fangirly heart soar!

It’s nice to be remembered for all the things that I have fangirled over, especially considering the fact that I’ve not actually done anything Rambo related (Art or writing) in a long time now. Maybe it’s high time I changed that?

I’ll write a follow-up post to this in a few weeks time when the film is out and I’ve managed to go and see it, give my thoughts on how it pans out.

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