Collaboration – Pitahaya

Collaboration with Qwaychou

I’ve not posted much of my anthropomorphic art on here lately, partially because it has been rather few and far between but also because I don’t know as if there is much call for it compared to the Hobby progress and Warhammer related artwork. I still use my Furaffinity page for anthro artwork, but that’s rather sporadic as I often forget about the place existing.

That and I am not entirely comfortable being among the Furry fandom. I’ve never classed myself as a furry and don’t identify with many in the community, but have enjoyed drawing them for a very long time and I don’t see myself stopping drawing them completely; especially considering the age of some of my characters that belong to that category.

This character is Pitahaya, I designed her a couple of years ago now, but I’ve not done a huge amount with her since her creation. I see her as some sort of freebird. Preferring to wear mostly spangly jewelry rather than full blown outfits. If she was forced to wear clothes, they’d be cheesecloth sorts of things that are loose fitting and flowing.

This particular image is a collaboration with a friend of mine, Qwaychou. Who has been a great source of inspiration in recent times when it comes to the Furry artwork. Her style is very reminiscent of traditional manga and always makes me smile – I adore colouring in her lines – and it helps that we both have a fond appreciation for bikinis, silks and all that cute and sexy stuff.

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