Heretic Deb: Mini Swap

This model from Scibor was painted as a part of Heretic Debs Miniature Swap – Hosted Here – The person that I had to paint for – Ti’Dinzeo – was kind enough to give free reign over what they were to receive. I clocked Scibor models a fair few years ago during an impromptu trip to Element Games and have been itching for an excuse to get one ever since. They did not disappoint.

The thoughts behind this model was to paint him up in a Thor inspired paint scheme. Sadly, I missed a trick by getting the model with a sword rather than a hammer, but this model was my favourite and was purchased without considering the paint scheme – as Ti’Dinzeo has a rather brilliant paint scheme for her Space Marines

Scibor models are resin so I was a little unsure on how well they would paint. They did suffer from the usual issues of resin models. A lot of flashing to be taken care of before painting and a careful wash in some warm water. It also felt really brittle so something broke off while trying to clip it off the sprew – I’m keeping quiet about what broke, because it was repaired and if you can’t see it then it was hardly worth mentioning.

A small confession; I almost didn’t enter this Miniature swap. Time being the main contributing factor to this. Yet, I felt compelled. How would it all pan out? A group of hobby enthusiasts all working towards the same goal; to produce a miniature for an unknown person. (Yes, we may know one another but seeing as we didn’t know who was entering and who we’d have drawn for us to paint for) In a lot of respects there’s a lot of room for elements of the trade to go wrong – we miss the deadline, we don’t paint the chosen miniature well, we forget, go over budget, etc. As a person that love collaborations how could I pass up on the opportunity to be involved with a project like that?

Heretic Deb will do a ‘Master post’ of finished Models for the swap so when that’s finished I shall share it here with my readers to enjoy the variety of skills and models on display.

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