Commission: Rogue Trader

This is a bust commission for Scykhe of his Rogue Trader.

The idea behind this one is really great! Scykhe is going to be hosting some videos of himself playing No Mans Sky and roleplaying as a lost Rogue Trader – pictured above – and asked for a commission of their character to bring him to life. I happily accepted as drawing busts of characters other than Space Marines has been something I’ve wanted to branch out into recently.

This was created using a very detailed description and basing the characters looks upon Scykhe himself.

No Mans Sky is a game that I’ve been interested in playing myself so when the idea was pitched I loved it.

When a video has been released I shall share it with you all here and you can enthuse along with me! But if you’re interested maybe give Scykhe a follow on Twitter too?

Banner made by Scykhe

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