Lizardmen: Skink Wizard

Work has been going on with the Lizardmen. My previous post about them really inspired me to keep pushing on with them – as there’s so little left of them to do.

This one was relatively quick to finish off as most of the base colours had been put down on him already.

The blending on the tail could have been worked a bit better for a smoother gradient, but I am rather pleased with the overall outcome of the model.

The feathers of the head-dress and decorations were inspired by the Quetzal Bird. As I think it’s important to keep something ‘traditional’ to an army – and the unconventional bases for my Lizardmen are so far removed from their natural habitat I figured I should throw something in!

Photograph from

So that’s one of the heroes crossed off the list. Next shall be the Saurus Hero model that has led to the discovery that I dislike the model. He is mostly finished though so it’d be criminal not to get him completed. Before he is shared though, have the obligatory outside photograph of the Skink Wizard.

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