Cailan: Lvl 2 Paladin

As previously mentioned the weekly DnD group have been playing in the Skyfire world, created by our regular GM, Ben.

This has been a bit of a change of direction compared to our usual sessions as Ben brought over a large table mat on which to draw out dungeon maps to easily track our progression as we play.

Therefore, we all needed models – considering when we started this game we had no real knowledge of the paths our characters would take other than a well thought out back story – this was a little tricky! We all started as level zero characters with no class so the prologue of the campaign was to be assigned/guided to a class that would work with the backstories we all wrote before start of play.

Cailan, my mercenary has since accepted the path of the Paladin, granted his boon by Veritas, ancient figure-head/God of Justice. He is the party tank. Thus far, he is doing his patron god Proud (In my humble opinion)

As for the model, it is from Reaper Miniatures and a metal model. He was lovely to paint – I can’t stress this enough with this guy – I was rather disappointed when he was finished. Having said that, I am having a slight predicament with the base he’s stood on being so thick and how to finish that part of the model off, hence sharing him with the base being unfinished. I have a few ideas settling in now and might do a simple meadow for him, as like the Oathsworn Miniatures that have been recently finished.

If you are interested in seeing any other members of Cailans party, then please check out this post by Eloths Endeavours.

Alusul – Warlock

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