Commission: Sister of Battle

Commission for Daemon_Hammer.

The Sisters of Battle were the first Warhammer 40k army that I ever played as and collected – although my time with the ladies was notoriously brief. Therefore this commission made me smile; it’s the first time I’ve ever drawn one of the good Sisters.

I’ve been keeping half an eye on the Battle Sister Bulletin, and seeing the army changing into modern times has been rather interesting to say the least. There’s been outrage, appreciation and excitement all rolled into one. Seeing discussions online about how the Sisters are developing at times has made me want to pull my hair out, there’s a lot of ‘It must be this way’ from various parties. Some wish they were ‘sexier’ like they used to be. Others think that rather than having Sisters of Battle there should be female Space Marines instead. I’ve honestly real no view on how Sisters should be, but I am looking forward to seeing them on their final release.

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