Personal artworks

I am at the stage of recovery now that I am feeling able to do a few simple pictures for myself and ease myself back into the flow of things.

Whenever I am left to my own artsy devices I tend to lean back towards my anthro/furry art and characters. I have had many of them for a long time and while I don’t tend to like the furry community as a whole I’ll never completely leave it due to enjoying drawing my characters and developing them and their ‘story’

So I am unapologetically going to share them and their art on here still – I know it’s bad blog practice to have many different topics in the same place, but I figure this place is old enough to last any blogging trials – I even had the notification today that I have been on WordPress for 6 years. My blog is older than this though as I was originally hosted on blogger!

So, I shall raise my glass tonight and celebrate my bizarre blog and it’s strange contents and hope that I can keep it going for another 6 years or more.

4 responses to “Personal artworks”

  1. Your character are awesome! 😉 I’m not a furry, though I identify with the look/feeling of some of the characters.

    On an off note, I like blogs which cover a multitude of topics. Full expression of a person. It’s more fun. 🙂 My own blog is like that and many I follow. Have a nice day.

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    • Some anthro/furry characters can be very interesting and a lot of fun. I am glad that you like them.

      It’s refreshing to read your perspective of blogging too. Many-a-time I have read and been told that blogfs which cover a broad range can’t ‘make it’
      Thank you for your support.

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