On the workbench

Amiga Workbench

Seeing as I am starting things again after a bit of a break – it probably feels longer to me than it actually has been – I thought I would write out a bit of a list of models that I’ve still yet to work on. For the armies I was trying to work my way through, the Blood Guard are on the back burner for the time being.


  • Kroxigor
  • 3 Terradons
  • The remains of a Bastilodon
  • 2 Skink heroes to finish


  • Unit of 10 Bloodletters
  • Skullcanon
  • 2 Jugganoughts
  • Skulltaker

Thankfully – mostly due to the distraction of the new Space Marine releases – Cities of Sigmar hasn’t been released in my absence so I still have time to finish of the Lizardmen before I start a new army. Having said that, I have been on a bit of a Hellraiser kick which has me eyeing up a Dark Eldar army! Especially due to the promise of new plastic models in a recent Warhammer Community post.

Fangirl Feature

I’m always up for featuring more people on the blog, so if you’re interested please get in touch via the contact form


Commissions are returning as a ‘phased return to work’ I’m working through my waiting list, before officially opening them again. So hopefully they’ll be some more artwork to share soon too.

Thanks for your patience.

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