No Imperium Sky

On the commission post, I touched upon the use for the image – No Imperium Sky – I am happy to be able to share the video with you all here now. There are two episodes available to watch. Linked below.

The first episode is rather long, I had it on while I was working on commissions and it helped me get in the mood for drawing. It made me laugh a couple of times – a highlight was the Rogue Trade encountering the Xenos, jumping poop (and finding out the origins of their real name) and struggling with Xenos technology in the form of doors!

I enjoyed these videos from an entirely selfish perspective – I’ve been mildly interested in No Mans Sky since it first came out; but was put off due to ‘Multi-player’ and poor reviews; it then fell off my radar and I forgot about it entirely until Scykhe brought it to my attention again via the commission. It’s good fun watching a Lets Play style video of it through the perspective of an Imperial Loyalist.

Second episode is a lot shorter – I think due to some feedback – no no less enjoyable.

I felt it was only right too update you all, as promised and share what had been done so far.
I’m always interested in seeing what people do with commissioned art and it’s nice to see it being used.

I hope you like these as much as I do.

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