Casualties of War

At some point during this week, we were having a little sort out of the garage – looking for something model related – and several boxes were being passed from my husband (on the top of a ladder) to my son, who then passed the boxes to me.

Unfortunately, my son dropped the contents of one of the boxes on the floor and the broke into little tiny pieces!

In the box was the first army that I ever owned – a metal force of Legion of Everblight from first edition Warmachine/Hordes.

I had a lot of fun playing this game at the time and took great delight in chraging my largest monster (Who no longer has a head!) right into the thick of combat, getting it killed (After murdering as much as it could) only for the army leader to bring it back to life and let it do it all over again; probably not the best tactic for a combo-based game like Warmachine/Hordes, but it was a lot of fun!!

I’m not too sad that the models got broken as I’d mostly forgotten all about them until now – but I shall certainly try over the next few days yo put them all back together again and get a photograph of them as the army they are meant to be – they hold a special place in the tomes of my modelling history as they were the army to get me back interested in modelling and painting again, over ten years ago. Time flies!

9 responses to “Casualties of War”

    • I remember some of them being rather tricky to get to stick together last time, but I shall certainly try my best.
      The models in the Warmachine/Hordes range look really good. I just never picked up second edition

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      • I can remember some Warmachine minis being very tricky to put together as well! I did get second edition, but everything lapsed after that for me. I liked first edition and thought the points system much better in the original rules! But, I agree with you on the minis, they are nice! 🙂


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